Ecclesiastical Antiquities



The ecclesiastical ruins within St. Mary’s parish are chiefly :


(a) The Cistercian Abbey of  Inishlounaght,  Marlfield , of which there are few  remains;


(b)  The church  at St. Patrick's Well which remains in  a good state of preservation ;


(c)  Garrantemple  Church where there are considerable remains;


(d)  St. Stephen's Church (Upper Irishtown)- a Lazar or Leper House where the church  remains can be seen;


At St. Patrick's Well, besides the ruined church , there is also a  Holy Well and a small Celtic cross.


At Toberaheena (Friday Well) there is another Holy Well. Early church sites have been verified at Kilmolash (St. Molaise's),  Kilmacomma (St. Mocomma's) and Kilnamac (Church of the Sons).